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YUPANQUI” is a Kichwa word and means memorable, priceless, or he who shines.   Our Family originates in CUZCO and belongs to an INCA lineage of solid agricultural traditions.


Almost 90 years ago, Japanese emigrants introduced ancient pepper varieties to the Amazonic area. Several years later, our grandfather collected survivors of these first strains and developed a unique blend, transferred to the following generations.

Years passed, being unable to be sustainable due to the constant “Guerrilla” threats, and it’s at the 90’s end that the Family finds a unique Terroir in EQUATOR’S Cloud Forest. The grandfather’s strains, as well as the Incan ancestral techniques, are faithfully used today.


For decades, the Family was exporting its pepper along with that of other producers without attracting attention because when mixing, the quality was “acceptable” but not that special. Then, in a twist of fate, everything changed. We realized the treasure we had when in Montreal, the prestigious “hunter of spices” Monsieur Philippe de Vienne tasted the Family harvest and was shocked. Monsieur de Vienne explained we had a fabulous pepper of “terroir,” world unique, and that we should strive to keep it that way without contaminating it with the other farmers’ ones. 

This precious treasure comes to life thanks to the help of prestigious Chefs and those passionate about the exquisite, for whom The Yupanqui Peppercorns are the World’s Best Gourmet Peppercorns.

our mission

“Using sustainable farming practices to grow the world’s best, highest quality single strand and single origin gourmet peppercorns”


The Yupanqui Pepper® is considered the best black pepper in the World and is an essential element in the culinary developments of both prestigious chefs and passionate about the taste that seeks to transfer sensory experiences of unique character to their guests.



A great loamy clay loam soil, where there were a lot of savage tropical fruits, so all their flavors and aromas are now present in all our peppercorns.


We are located at 15 km of the Latitude CERO (-0.256565) in Manabi province,   Ecuador, enjoying the remarkable benefits of this same part of the earth.


The perfect closeness of 95 km from the Pacific allows the sea breeze to bathe our plants night after night.


The human element is the key to our success, preceded by generations of farmers moving their ancestral traditions to this day. The “Sonkoy,” interpreted as the love for nature and the person, remains both in us and in many of our descendants, and we are very proud to apply them in our agricultural activities every day… we look for the moon, the wind, sun, and other natural elements, part of the essentials to make our farming decisions


A unique blend of the old varieties Lampong and Muntok and other arrivals to South America almost a century ago, a blend that we call “Grandpa Lamptok.”


After years of successes and failures, we chose two three types of tutors: “Spondias purpurea” and “Erythrina velutina.” They planted more than 21 years ago on our land, and today we extract the perfect branches to achieve symbiosis with the baby Yupanqui pepper plants.  The tree and the baby plant will become a single being at the turn of 2 years following this until the end of their days.


Our vine’s orientation is from east to west. We have an inclined slope of 20 to 30 degrees, so all the sea breeze is perfectly received during the night.

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