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Looking for high-quality peppercorns for your cooking? Try Magnus Waylla peppercorn by the Yupanqui family. Harvested using a unique process based on the moon’s movement, these peppercorns have a powerful and vivacious flavor with a fully developed inner heart. Buy 2 pepper grinders and get 1 free pepper grinder of Magnus Waylla Peppercorns. Try now and experience the unique flavor of Magnus Waylla peppercorn


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Looking for a high-quality pepper grinder that will take your cooking experience to the next level? Look no further than the Magnus Waylla peppercorn, created by the Yupanqui family.

This unique family reserve green peppercorn is harvested at a specific “tempo” which is different from our Green Premium. The Yupanqui family follows particular moments of the moon’s movement to harvest the peppercorns, resulting in a unique and flavorful pepper not found anywhere else.

The Magnus Waylla peppercorn is known for its powerful and vivacious flavor, resulting from the peppercorns’ fully developed inner heart. This is an unusual feature among green peppers, and it makes the Magnus Waylla peppercorn stand out from other green peppercorns on the market.

With the Magnus Waylla peppercorn, the Yupanqui family has achieved a maximum complexity that results in a grain that is fully developed internally. This results in a complex personality that is potently fruity and herbaceous simultaneously. This achievement is a testament to the Yupanqui family’s dedication to producing the highest quality peppercorns.

If you’re looking for a pepper grinder that can bring out the flavor in your favorite dishes, then the Magnus Waylla peppercorn is the perfect choice. This unique green peppercorn is available in a 3-pack of pepper grinders, and when you buy 2 pepper grinders, you get 1 free pepper grinder of Magnus Waylla Peppercorns.

So, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, the Magnus Waylla pepper grinder is the perfect choice for adding flavor and complexity to your dishes. Order now and experience the unique flavor of the Magnus Waylla peppercorn.

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