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Worlds Finest Peppercorn

Ari Weinzweig / World’s 10 Top CEOs* (Https://Www.Inc.Com/Marcel- Schwantes/Heres-A-Top-10-List-Of-The-Worlds-Best-Ceos-But-They-Lead-In-A- Totally-Unique-Wa.Html) / Co-Founder, Zingerman’s Community Of Businesses, Michigan USA.* …Yupanqui Pepper, If You Told Me This Yupanqui Black Pepper Had Come From One Of The Most Quality-Conscious Farms In Kerala In Southwest India, The Original Source Of Most Top Quality Black Pepper, I’d Totally Have Believed You. But This Stuff Comes From Ecuador!! That’s Right. The Democratic Republic Of Ecuador In South America. It Was Essentially A Shock. It’s Certainly Not Native. Chiles, Yes. Peppercorns? No Way! Black Pepper Production In Ecuador Is Very Small, And This Amazing Pepper Is The Work Of One, Clearly Dedicated, Very Interesting Family By The Name Of Yupanqui. So How Did It Get To Us? By Way Of Épices De Cru In Montreal, Of Course! The Product Is Really Exceptional. Please Know, I’m Not Suggesting You Get Rid Of Every Other Black Pepper On Your Counter And Replace It With This. Yupanqui Pepper From Quebec To Quito—Loving Spices At Every Latitude!. Our February Spice Of The Month, Available At The Deli, Totally Caught Me Off Guard When I Tried It For The First Time. Spicy But Sensual, Deep And Complex, Interesting And Exotic; It’s Got All Sorts Of Cool Things Going On, Including A Little Finish Of Citrus. The Flavor Stays So Nicely On My Palate—Hot But Not Too Hot, It Wakes Me Up! ..
Ari Weinzweig
Ari Weinzweig-
Bertrand Jeanson /Chef Executif & Directeur de la restauration chez Inter Continental Montreal.

Les Poivres Yupanqui font partie pour moi des meilleurs, très intense en saveurs, et force soutenu en bouche. Au premier coup de moulin, les senteurs se renforce et la subtilité des poivres Yupanqui se dégage.
Le Poivre Blanc Yupanqui, se sert très bien sur une viande blanche, volaille, carré de porc, sans trop de sauce et légumes croquant a l’huile d’olive, le Poivre Blanc Yupanqui apportera du caractère au plat, sans dénaturé le gout des aliments.
Le Poivre Noir Yupanqui, et quand a lui, fait pour se moudre sur une belle pièces de bœuf cuite saignante, le poivre noir se suffira avec de la fleur de sel, il est pour moi de très grande qualité, fort mais complexe a la fois par ses note grillé et légèrement piquante.
Bertrand Jeanson
Bertrand Jeanson-
Aryen Moore-Alston / Executive Chef , Memphis, Tennessee. USA
Certainly! I had the pleasure of using Yupanqui Peppercorns this weekend and the taste was phenomenal.

I will gladly share my feedback.
Aryen Moore-Alston
Aryen Moore-Alston –
Richard Glaze /Executive Chef at The Peninsula Hotels Beijing, China

“…. Great product !! thank you love it”
Richard Glaze
Richard Glaze-
Gina Cianfarani /Cu-Gina Ltd for an Extraordinary Culinary Experience… Cu-Ginas Flavors™ Culinary Instructor, Influencer, Food Photographer, Cook Book Author . USA
Gina Cianfarani
Gina Cianfarani –
Jeff Hurst CEC /Executive Chef /Consultant in Japan: Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido. Japan
In regards to my own tasting experience with Yupanqui Pepper: The Yupanqui Family Black Reserve Peppercorns, Summer Harvest, 2018 is a very unique and wonderful spice. I can compare the flavor profiles to fine wine in that it has a sophisticated spectrum of flavor profiles and aromas as well as a wonderful mouth feel and sensation on the palette. I love the tones of citrus, clove and dark chocolate as well as the pleasant heat that they bring to the foods they are presented with.
I used the Family Reserve peppercorns in many ways and among my favorite use styles is light crusting before quick sautéing such as beef tornados or duck breast. Also the Yupanqui Family Black Reserve Pepper is very well suited to finishing work such as shaving over a risotto in a way such as one would with truffles. These peppercorns are exquisite with wines, especially Pinot Noire and those reds blended with Shiraz and Grenache varieties.
I was also very impressed with the Yupanqui Green Premium, Summer Harvest, 2018. These peppercorns as well have a very complex flavor and aroma profile and I especially liked using them in long cooking processes such as braising lamb shanks, classical Ossobuco and even Mole Rojo and Chile Colorado. I found the green peppercorns to have a longer burn that is smooth and pleasant. Like sunshine coming through the window on a winters day.
All of the Yupanqui Pepper varieties that I have been using in my own cuisine and the samples that I tried during the tasting at FoodEX Japan are unique and wonderful in their own way. I find them very well suited to my own style of cooking with the flavors of the Mediterranean, Asia, Latin America and regional United States but I am sure that they are all well suited to any cuisine of the world.
Certainly any chef or cooking enthusiast will find the Yupanqui Peppers to be a unique and exciting culinary discovery. A treasure to be savoured with love and passion.
Jeff Hurst
Jeff Hurst-
Ethné et Philippe de Vienne/: chasseurs d’épices /D’abord traiteurs et chefs à domicile, Ethné et Philippe de Vienne sont devenus de véritables chasseurs d’épices! Ethné et Philippe parcourent la planète à la recherche des épices les plus rares et les plus savoureuses. Ils sont littéralement en mission : ils veulent faire découvrir aux Canadiens le monde insoupçonné des épices. Elle est de Trinidad. Il est du Québec. Et ils se sont rencontrés un jour, autour d’un repas, bien sûr. Leur entreprise, Épices de cru, vend aujourd’hui autour de 60 thés et près de 350.
Ethné et Philippe de Vienne
Ethné et Philippe de Vienne-
YUPANQUI RED PEPPER | At last, we have found the perfect red pepper! # Extremely fragrant, with delicate notes of dried fruits and a long-lasting taste in the mouth. A great finishing pepper, somewhat sweet, with a refined complexity, perfect to perk up dishes where pepper should be the star of the show. Link in bio!
/// POIVRE ROUGE YUPANQUI | Vous nous réclamez du poivre rouge depuis belle lurette et nous avons enfin trouvé la perle rare! Très parfumé et long en bouche, avec des notes délicates de fruits secs. Un poivre exceptionnel, à servir fraîchement moulu, en finition sur tous les types de plats. #grandcru
Ethné et Philippe de Vienne
Ethné et Philippe de Vienne-
Vincent Gadaud /Executive Chef at IHG ANA Hotels Group Japan. Japan
I have been greatly surprise by your products, from the packaging to the powerful taste of them.
The strong colors of the mix makes it beautiful and attractive to the eyes, excellent on taste too.
The smell of agrumes from the Yupanqui black pepper was surprising, original and triggers sensations that we do not match with black pepper usually, quiet interesting.
For the white pepper, the creamy sensation was the most intriguing to me. Flavors combination on your products are limitless and we can feel the hard work but mostly the passion.
Congratulation for the high quality level!
Vincent Gadaud
Vincent Gadaud –
Thomas Rappl /Culinary Director Westin Bund Center Shanghai . Shanghai City, China
It is great pepper with vibrant taste notes and great flavor.
We really appreciated your recommendation in separating the 4 corns and tasting them separately as we got very different taste sensations.
Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to try and experience your great product.
Kind regards. 

Director Culinary
Thomas Rappl
Thomas Rappl-



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