Rainbow Peppercorns RAIMY, Best Rainbow Peppercorn Medley Refill 14oz

Best Rainbow peppercorns … “It has such a fruity and exotic aroma that inspires maximum culinary creativity! A new culinary gem by the Yupanqui family.”

Rainbow peppercorn grinder refill with Burgundy Pepper, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green Peppercorns, White Peppercorns and Black Peppercorns

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Best Rainbow Peppercorns for Grinding: Its fruity and exotic aroma inspires maximum culinary creativity! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Raimy Peppercorn Medley of seven rainbow peppercorns


Are you looking for a way to elevate your cooking game? Look no further than this Rainbow Peppercorns for grinding or to use in a wide range of dishes that call for gourmet peppercorns. This unique seven peppercorns blend is a must-have for any culinary adventurer. Its versatility and intense flavor make it the perfect addition to any dish, from salads to BBQs and everything in between.


Most importantly, remember that cooking is an art form, and the ingredients you use are your colors. Therefore, why not elevate your art with the Yupanqui Gourmet Peppercorns? This peppercorn medley is perfect for grinding. But, when used whole, it offers a spectacularly optimistic visual effect on any dish, making it a feast for the eyes and taste buds. So go ahead and unlock the true culinary potential.


In conclusion, the RAIMY rainbow peppercorn medley is more than just a spice blend. It is a sensory experience that allows you to indulge your senses and your guests, elevating your dishes to new heights. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Try Yupanqui RAIMY rainbow peppercorns today and experience the difference for yourself.

Best Rainbow Peppercorn Grinder Refill

Using this exquisite peppercorn medley with the easy-open, easy-seal spout for easy pouring is a comfortable and satisfying experience. This means you can easily and confidently incorporate it into your culinary preparations or your best pepper grinder. The result? A sensory experience like no other, with complex notes of fruit peels, nuts, and wood that enhance every dish.


Moreover, the aluminized protection layer of the Yupanqui peppercorn grinder refill ensures that all RAIMY rainbow peppercorns stay fresh and aromatic, just like freshly roasted. This means that you can guarantee the freshness and quality of your dishes. And if, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Rainbow Peppercorn Refill


Rainbow Peppercorn PROMOS

Yupanqui Gourmet Peppercorns Duopack
Rainbow Peppercorn Grinder + Rainbow Peppercorn Refill



Rainbow Peppercorn Grinder Refill
Two Rainbow Peppercorn Grinder Refills

👉 100% NATURAL AND SUSTAINABLE Yupanqui peppercorns are a testament to the beauty and power of nature. The Yupanqui family has cultivated these peppercorns for over three generations using ancestral agricultural traditions. As a result, they are 100% natural, sustainable, and non-GMO.


Their Ultra Premium category, Raimy, is a pepper blend of 7 different colors and sizes that are allergen-free and processed in a HACCP-certified plant. The Yupanqui family does not use any chemical fertilizers or ETO, nor do they irradiate their peppercorns. Consequently, you can be sure of the purity and genuineness of their product when you use Yupanqui peppercorns in your cooking.

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Rainbow Peppercorn Medley

Raimy Rainbow Peppercorns are the result of a careful and meticulous process. Subsequently, each peppercorn color undergoes a different process, blending to create a unique and extraordinary peppercorn melange. This pepper blend stimulates the senses, mainly sight, taste, and smell.


This sui generis rainbow peppercorn medley is perfectly balanced from our harvest of seven Yupanqui Gourmet Peppercorns, all from the Premium and Specialty Peppercorns categories. Therefore, it is unsurprising that this pepper blend is a feast for the senses. Raimy Rainbow Peppercorns are a testament to the fact that we can create something truly exceptional with attention to detail and precision.

Best Peppercorn Medley

Rainbow Peppercorn Sommelier:

Raimy peppercorn medley is a feast for the senses, generating varied and intense aromas and flavors. That is to say, each one of the seven colors is unique, and in this blend, quite complex notes are present that go from fruit peel to nuts and forest. The pure real peppercorns make it a unique product in the market.


The absence of pink peppercorns in this blend makes it a real peppercorn that belongs to the Piper nigrum -Piperaceae family. As a result, it offers an exceptional experience that cannot be found elsewhere. The complexity of the flavors and aromas make it suitable for any dish that requires a unique and intense flavor.


In conclusion, the Raimy Gourmet Peppercorn is an exceptional peppercorn medley that stands out from the crowd. The unique flavors and aromas make it a must-have in any kitchen. Moreover, the pure real organic peppercorns make it a product of exceptional quality that is bound to impress even the most demanding food connoisseurs.

Unique Rainbow Peppercorn made with real peppercorns

Rainbow Peppercorns Cooking TIPS:

Looking for a way to take your dishes to the next level? Look no further than Yupanqui RAIMY rainbow peppercorns. These colorful gourmet peppercorns are the perfect way to add a pop of flair and flavor to any meal. Whether grilling vegetables, fish, or white meat poultry, Raimy peppercorns can help you create a visually stunning and delicious dish.


But Raimy rainbow peppercorn isn’t just about aesthetics. Its bold flavor profile is sure to impress even the most discerning palate. By adding the whole peppercorn at the culmination of your dish, you can ensure maximum flavor impact. So why settle for bland and boring meals when you can add a little Raimy to spice things up? Try it out today and see for yourself!

best rainbow pepper blend



Peppercorns with Grinder Gifts

The Yupanqui family’s collaboration with renowned chefs results in lovely collections of gourmet peppercorn grinders. Each pepper mill grinder is carefully selected for a rich and complex flavor. This makes Yupanqui black pepper grinders the perfect gifts for cooking lovers.

Moreover, the Yupanqui family’s commitment to quality is evident in every peppercorn grinder. Attention to detail has made Yupanqui black pepper grinders a staple in many kitchens worldwide. Consequently, they are a testament to the Yupanqui family’s passion for cooking and sharing that love with others.

Most importantly, Yupanqui peppercorn grinders showcase the power of collaboration. By bringing together the expertise of the Yupanqui family and notable chefs, they have created peppercorn collections that elevate the flavor of several cuisines. In conclusion, Yupanqui black pepper grinders inspire collaboration with others to achieve excellence.

gifts for cooking lovers by yupanqui family
Best Peppercorns With Grinder (3-Pack Collections)
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