Green Peppercorn Grinder with Yupanqui Gourmet Green Peppercorns 2.1oz

“This fragrant green peppercorn grinder, so herbal and sexy, is undoubtedly the ideal companion for Italian cuisine.”

Yupanqui Green Peppercorns Green Peppercorns for a truly Gourmet Experience. Recommended for Italian Cuisine and French Cuisine

Yupanqui's Whole Peppercorns Reviews

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This fragrant green peppercorn grinder, so herbal and sexy, is undoubtedly the ideal companion for Italian cuisine. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Green Peppercorn Grinder Best


Looking for a change from the usual black pepper in your recipes? Check out the Yupanqui Green Peppercorn Grinder. This premium green peppercorn comes from three generations of ancestral traditions, with a unique flavor that enhances your culinary skills.


Moreover, the Yupanqui Green Peppercorns are sustainable, non-irradiated, and processed in an allergen-free HACCP-certified plant. Therefore, you can trust that you’re getting the best peppercorns whole. Additionally, the refillable peppercorn grinder allows easy customization of your grind size.


Most importantly, each green peppercorn whole retains its tropical essence thanks to the exclusive artisanal process. As a result, you’ll experience a soft, delicate, herbal, fruity aroma with mild intensity Grade 6 to 7. The Yupanqui Green Peppercorns Grinder is the perfect addition whether cooking pork, white meats, or fish or creating a cocktail.

green peppercorn grinder refillable

In short, the Yupanqui Family’s dedication to sustainable farming practices is reflected in their green peppercorns. That is to say, the best things in life come from simple, natural processes passed down from generation to generation. So, why not try the best peppercorn grinder today and experience the amazing taste sensation for yourself? In conclusion, you’ll love them, or get your money back.


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Green Pepper in Grinder + Refill (Duopack)


👉  LOVE IT, OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK (Refund Policy). At the Yupanqui family, we strive for customer satisfaction. If you’re unsatisfied with our green peppercorn with grinder or green peppercorn grinders, we offer a 30-day return policy. This means that if you’re not completely happy with your peppercorns, you can get your money back.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we want to share that passion with you. That’s why we’re looking for accomplices who share our love of great food. Therefore, if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, we want to make it right. You’re not just a customer to us; you’re a fellow #YupanquiPepperLover

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Yupanqui best green peppercorn grinder for italian cuisine

Gourmet Green Peppercorns Yupanqui green pepper in grinder

Our Yupanqui Green Peppercorn is more than just a spice – it’s a testament to the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship. Our dedication to low-volume production techniques results in silky smooth whole peppercorns and a delicately fruity aroma with hints of lime and toasted herbs.


And with our location in the heart of the earth, our green peppercorns have a unique and radiant hue that serves as a reminder of the natural wonders surrounding us. Savor the flavors of our exceptional green pepper in grinder and be inspired by the power of nature and human ingenuity.

Yupanqui green peppercorn grinder refillable

Best Peppercorns Sommelier 👨‍🍳:

I would rate the intensity of these green peppercorns as 6 to 7. You can expect to experience soft hints of lime peel, tobacco, cloves, and fruity and mildly spicy notes. These specialty peppercorns offer unique sensations that can enhance your culinary creations. – Best peppercorn for grinder.

Yupanqui Green Peppercorn, GREEN PREMIUM, for gourmet experiences, How to use Yupanqui Grinder

Green Peppercorns Cooking TIPS 💡:

The Yupanqui Green peppercorns are a versatile spice that can uniquely flavor your dishes. To clarify, these little flavor gems are not your typical black peppercorns. Firstly, they are harvested earlier in their ripening process, producing a milder and fresher flavor. Secondly, they are naturally dried, which gives them a distinct taste. Here is how you can use these green peppercorns in your cooking:

1. Add them to sauces like green peppercorn sauce and marinades. For example, add a classic cream sauce and some green peppercorns for a zesty twist.

2. Use the Yupanqui Green Peppercorns in rubs and spice blends. For instance, mix them with coriander, cumin, and other spices for a unique blend.

3. Sprinkle them on top of your favorite dishes. Above all, the Yupanqui green peppercorns work well with fish, chicken, and beef.

4. Mix this gourmet peppercorns with your favorite liquor. For example, add them to a whiskey or cognac for a distinctive flavor experience.

5. Add them to your charcuterie board. Most importantly, Yupanqui green peppercorns can add a burst of aroma and flavor to your cheese and meat platter.

In conclusion, Yupanqui green peppercorns are a versatile and flavorful ingredient that can add depth to your cooking. We suggest experimenting with them in your dishes to see how they can enhance the flavor.

Green Peppercorn Sauce with Yupanqui Green Peppercorns


Gifts for Cooking Lovers

The Yupanqui family’s collaboration with world-renowned chefs has produced an exquisite collection of gourmet peppercorn grinders. With each refillable peppercorn grinder carefully selected for its rich and complex flavor, cooking enthusiasts will find Yupanqui black pepper grinders the perfect gift.

The family’s unwavering commitment to quality sets Yupanqui black pepper grinders apart. Their attention to detail has made these grinders a staple in kitchens around the globe, a testament to the Yupanqui family’s passion for cooking and sharing that love with others.

refillable pepper grinder with peppercorns green - features


But beyond their exceptional taste, Yupanqui peppercorn grinders are a celebration of collaboration. By bringing together the expertise of the Yupanqui family and world-class chefs, they have created a collection that enhances the flavor of countless cuisines. Indeed, Yupanqui black pepper grinders inspire collaboration with others to achieve culinary excellence.

gifts for cooking lovers by yupanqui family
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