SMOKED Black Pepper Grinder 3.5oz of Natural Smoked Pepper in grinder

“Nothing is more gourmet than this beautiful and woody smoked peppercorn for perfect grilling.”

Yupanqui Smoked Pepper corn Chef’s smoke pepper in grinder – smoked black peppercorn with grinder – for ✔ grilling ✔ mature cheeses, ✔ BBQ

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“Let your grilling ignite your senses with these Yupanqui smoked peppercorns, nothing more gourmet than these woody smoke black pepper in grinder⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


smoke pepper corn by yupanqui brand

In a world where everything seems artificial, Yupanqui Smoked Pepper in a deluxe black pepper grinder stands out. It is 100% natural and sustainable black peppercorn with grinder, processed without GMOs, chemicals, or irradiation. Therefore, you can enjoy it without worrying about harmful substances.


The Yupanqui Family  has cultivated and developed the best peppercorns for three generations. They follow ancestral agricultural traditions, making it an exclusive and genuine smoked black pepper corn. As a result, the quality is superior, and the flavors and aromas are intense and exotic.


Expert chefs recommend Yupanqui smoked pepper corn for its woody, tobacco, oak, leather, and whiskey notes. It enhances and gives unique flavors to dishes such as mature cheese, poultry, white and red meat, pork, and cocktails. In other words, it is a chef’s choice of smoked black peppercorn with grinder.

Yupanqui Smoked Peppercorns for BBQ



The Yupanqui Smoked peppercorn whole comes in a reliable best black pepper grinder refillable made of strong glass. Moreover, it has a robust internal ceramic core that allows you to regulate the size of the black peppercorns according to your wishes. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the experience of a 100% natural smoke pepper in grinder.


In conclusion, the Yupanqui smoked black peppercorn with grinder is a perfect example of how natural and sustainable products can be superior in quality and flavor. Above all, it is a reminder that ancestral traditions and respect for the environment lead to the best results. Certainly, Yupanqui Smoked Peppercorn Grinder is more than a seasoning. It is a whole experience that you can enjoy with every dish.


Gifts for Grilling LOVERS

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Smoked Peppercorns Grinder + Peppercorn Refill (Duopack)


Black Peppercorn with Grinder Refund Policy

We take pride in the quality of the YUPANQUI Peppercorn Grinders, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the contents of our black peppercorn with grinder, we are happy to offer a refund within 30 days of purchase. To clarify, we seek passionate accomplices who share our sensory rhythms.

Consequently, we have a straightforward refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with our smoked pepper mill grinder, contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we will refund your money. At Yupanqui, we value our #yupanquipepperlovers and want them to be happy with their purchase. That is to say, we believe in our black peppercorn with grinder and are confident that you will, too.

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BBQ’s Best Peppercorn Grinder Yupanqui smoked pepper

Are you a foodie? Do you love experimenting with new flavors? Then, the best peppercorn grinder with Yupanqui smoked peppercorn whole is a must-try. This is the oak-smoked best peppercorn, and the aroma of exotic wood, tobacco, and leather is truly spectacular. It’s perfect for marinating or dressing meat – gifts for meat lovers – and the flavors and perfumes are deeply harmonious.


If you want to elevate your BBQ game, the Yupanqui Smoked Pepper could be your perfect ingredient. It’s not just about the unique and exotic aroma – this gourmet black pepper corn is also a healthy choice for those who want to reduce salt intake. Therefore, you get to experiment with new flavors and simultaneously take care of your health. So, give this smoked black peppercorn with grinder a try.


smoke black pepper corn by Yupanqui brand

Pepper with Grinder Collections

The Yupanqui family’s collaboration with renowned chefs results in lovely collections of gourmet peppercorn grinders. Each pepper with grinder is carefully selected for a rich and complex flavor. For cooking lovers, this makes Yupanqui black pepper grinders a perfect gift.

Moreover, the Yupanqui family’s commitment to quality is evident in every peppercorn grinder. Attention to detail has made Yupanqui black pepper grinders a staple in many kitchens worldwide. Consequently, they are a testament to the Yupanqui family’s passion for cooking and sharing that love with others.

Most importantly, Yupanqui peppercorn grinders showcase the power of collaboration. By bringing together the expertise of the Yupanqui family and notable chefs, they have created gourmet peppercorn collections that elevate the flavor of several cuisines. In conclusion, Yupanqui black pepper grinders inspire collaboration with others to achieve excellence.

gifts for grilling by yupanqui family
Best Black Peppercorns With Grinder (3-Pack Collections)


Weight 3.5 oz
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SMOKED Black Pepper by Yupanqui Family, the best smoked peppercorns for grilling and BBQ 3.5oz pepper grinder refillableSMOKED Black Pepper Grinder 3.5oz of Natural Smoked Pepper in grinder
Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.97.

Availability: 39 in stock

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