Best Black Pepper for Steak MAGNUS YANA Whole Peppercorns 11.1oz

“This is the best black pepper for steak and cocktails. Its Large Size impresses, and those aromas of tobacco and old wood make you fall in love …” 

best peppercorns for steak Enjoy the Best Black Pepper for Steak & Cocktails ✔️ STEAK ✔️ Cocktails, Wine ✔️ BBQ ✔️ Fish ✔️ Cheese

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The best black pepper for steak … those aromas of tobacco and old wood make you fall in love; its powerful alpha personality prevails on the plate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Best Black Pepper corn for Steak and Cocktails

Look no further if you’re looking for the best black pepper for steak and cocktails. Yupanqui Pepper Magnus YANA is what you need. It’s aged and slowly roasted in the sun during the hottest mornings of equatorial summer. Therefore, it’s considered the best black pepper for steaks and cocktails.


The refill bag has a dispensing valve that’s easy to open and seal. As a result, you can enjoy the pleasure of using Yupanqui Black Pepper with great comfort. The spout for easy pouring adds to your culinary adventures, making it a delightful experience. That is to say, you’ll feel pleasure and comfort when using it.


Magnus YANA black pepper has notes of tropical forest, tobacco, roasted barley, and malt. Above all, it has a particular intensity grade of 7 to 8, depending on the vintage. It’s the best black pepper choice for steaks, BBQs, red meats, and cocktails. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to discover genuine culinary experiences.

Best Black Pepper for Steak

The packaging comes with an aluminized protective layer. That helps preserve and protect the supreme quality of Yupanqui Magnus YANA whole peppercorns, keeping it fresh and aromatic. Moreover, if you’re unhappy with the contents, we will return your purchase within 30 days. We guarantee purity, freshness, and aroma, certainly.


Yupanqui Magnus YANA is not just a gourmet black pepper corn; it’s a sensory adventure. It’s for those who feel and vibrate at the same rhythm as us. Furthermore, it’s for those who are looking for genuine complicity and culinary adventures. In conclusion, it’s for those identifying themselves with other 🥂#YupanquiPepperLovers.


Best Black Peppercorn Gourmet

Black Peppercorns PROMOS

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Black Pepper corn Refill x2 (Combo)


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Black Peppercorn Grinder + Peppercorn Refill (Duopack)

Limited Edition 100% Natural and Sustainable Black Peppercorns.- At the Yupanqui Family, we believe in doing things correctly. That’s why we’ve spent three generations cultivating the perfect black peppercorns. We’ve never used GMOs or ETO, and our products are processed in an allergen-free HACCP-certified plant. This means you can trust that our limited edition whole peppercorns are 100% natural and sustainable.


Our commitment to quality isn’t just about the environment and the people who enjoy our best peppercorns. We want you to feel confident in the spices you eat, knowing they’re delicious and good for you. Therefore, we invite you to try our peppercorns and experience the difference for yourself. Whether you’re a pro chef or a home cook, our black pepper corn will elevate your meals to the next level.

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Extra-Large Black Peppercorn


Magnus Yana Black Peppercorns

The FAMILY RESERVE Black Pepper is “a fearless and exotic large gourmet peppercorn.” The YANA (translated to BLACK in Kichwa) is achieved through a supreme selection in the plantation; we gather the peppercorns when The Moon is at its most considerable splendor, following our traditions, selecting only the bunches that are distinguished by their extreme development and brightness.


Ironically, these giant grains become extremely delicate once they’re harvested. It’s a slower process because, due to its size, it’s almost impossible to artificially dry (that’s why you may find small pieces of peel)

gifts for grilling pepper corns

Black Peppercorns Sommelier:

The Magnus YANA Reserve Gourmet Peppercorns are a must-try for any food lover. This intense and long-lasting peppercorn has high essential oils, making it perfect for steak and cocktails. That is to say, it thrills even the most demanding palate.


This unique gourmet peppercorn has a delicate acidity similar to tropical fruits, along with leather, tobacco, and rainforest notes. After tasting, it has soft notes of citric fruit, malt, and roasted barley. Above all, it’s an extremely pleasant flavor explosion on the nose.


Moreover, the Magnus YANA Reserve Gourmet Peppercorns have a soft and delicate aroma that lingers long after consumption. In addition, it’s perfect for those who have a discerning taste when it comes to food. Therefore, it’s the perfect addition to any dish, adding depth and complexity to your culinary creations, including the black pepper steak.

Best Peppercorn in the World Magnus Yana

Best Black Pepper Gifts

gifts for grilling and black pepper steak by yupanqui
Deluxe Black Pepper Grinders (3-Pack Collections)
Weight 11.11 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.75 × 9.4 in

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Black Peppercorns for Pepper SteakBest Black Pepper for Steak MAGNUS YANA Whole Peppercorns 11.1oz

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