Green Peppercorns Refill 14oz, for the best Green Peppercorn Sauce

“These fragrant green peppercorns, so herbal and sexy, are undoubtedly the ideal companion for Italian cuisine.”

Yupanqui Gourmet pepper corn Highly aromatic Green Peppercorn -Recommended for Italian and French Cuisines ✔Poultry, ✔White Meat, ✔Fish, and ✔Seafood

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These fragrant green peppercorns, so herbal and sexy, are undoubtedly the ideal companion for Italian cuisine. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


for green peppercorn sauce best peppercorns

Do you want to bring your culinary skills to the next level? Yupanqui Pepper’s Green Peppercorns can help! Firstly, our family harvests a reduced volume of gourmet peppercorns, resulting in a soft and delicate aroma that is unmatched in quality. Secondly, our artisanal process retains the tropical essence of each green peppercorn, producing a perfect balance of herbal and citrus aromas.


Moreover, our green peppercorns are perfect for Italian Cuisine, desserts, cheese, pork, white meats, fish, coffee, cocktails, and infusions. Their mild intensity is Grades 5 to 6, making them ideal for any dish. In other words, you can use them in almost anything and still get that extra flavor and aroma that will elevate your dishes.


If you want to take your kitchen to a superior gourmet level, try Yupanqui Green Peppercorns. That is to say, the pour spout we’ve added to our refill bag makes incorporating our gourmet peppercorns so easy. Moreover, our aluminized protection layer guarantees our best peppercorns’ freshness and delicate aroma.


In conclusion, Yupanqui Green Peppercorns will elevate your dishes to new heights. Subsequently, you can take your culinary skills to a superior gourmet level. Besides that, our green peppercorns have a unique and delicate aroma that is unmatched in quality. So, why wait? Discover the pleasure of a genuinely special peppercorn. #yupanquipepperlovers

Green Peppercorns by Yupanqui family


Green Peppercorn PROMOS

Green Peppercorn Grinder + Peppercorn Refill (Duopack)
Green Peppercorn Grinder + Peppercorn Refill (Duopack)


100% natural and sustainable green peppercorns cultivated for three generations. The Yupanqui Family uses traditional agricultural practices to produce only top-quality best peppercorns. 


These super premium peppercorns are free from harmful chemicals and GMOs and processed in an allergen-free HACCP-certified plant. That means they’re not only safe but also environmentally friendly.


By choosing The Yupanqui Family’s Green Peppercorns, you’re supporting a family that values sustainable farming practices. And the best part? You’ll get a premium peppercorn that’s 100% natural.


It’s hard to find genuine, natural produce these days. But with Yupanqui Green Peppercorns, you know exactly what you’re getting—a sustainably grown product free from harmful additives.


So why settle for anything less? Choose Yupanqui Green Peppercorns for a gourmet experience that’s delicious and environmentally friendly.

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Green Peppercorns Yupanqui

Green Peppercorns Green Premium Peppercorn by Yupanqui

Unique of its kind. Our low-volume artisanal process keeps its beautiful peel almost intact, and the peppercorns are pleasant to the touch. These gourmet peppercorns have a delicate and soft aroma, always fruity. Thanks to the position of our terroir in the center of the earth, we obtain a particular color with a subtle radiant shade.


Green Peppercorn Sommelier 👨‍🍳

Yupanqui Green Peppercorn is a specialty peppercorn with a delicate herbal and fruity aroma. The Yupanqui terroir’s location gives them a unique color with a subtle radiant shade, graded at 5 to 6 for intensity. The Yupanqui green peppercorn’s soft notes of tobacco, cloves, and sweet but mildly spicy sensations distinguish it from regular green peppercorns.

Moreover, the fruity aroma is perfect for seasoning dishes that require a mild, peppery flavor. The Yupanqui green peppercorn’s unique taste profile makes it ideal for specialty dishes requiring a subtle peppery kick. In conclusion, Yupanqui Green Peppercorn is a must-have for any chef who wants to take their culinary creations to the next level.


Yupanqui peppercorns Handy Refill Bag

Green Peppercorns Cooking TIPS💡:

Magnus Waylla and the Yupanqui Green Peppercorn are ideal for soft meats like chicken and poultry. They’re perfect for Italian, French, Thai, and Western European cuisine. Indispensable in pates and terrines. The Yupanqui Green peppercorns combine perfectly with dishes based on whiskey, tequila, cognac, brandy, sake, and pisco.

You can use it with red meat and fish; however, with duck and rabbit, it makes a splendid mix, as well as in charcuterie, and it’s perfect for seasoning various mustards. Its obvious use is in the “Green Peppercorn Sauce,” Combining the black with the green in any creamy sauce will give intense and smooth touches in balance.

When serving, you can break it up with your fingers and sprinkle generously coarse pieces for primary flavoring and scenting. You can use the whole grain on a grilled fish or any meat you want to have an impact without being too spicy, but it will provide a different and aromatic flavor and make the moment unforgettable.



Peppercorn Grinders Gifts for Cooking Lovers

gifts for grill lovers by yupanqui family

The Yupanqui family has collaborated with renowned chefs to create a lovely collection of gourmet peppercorn grinders. Each pepper mill grinder is carefully selected for its rich and complex flavor. So, for cooking enthusiasts, Yupanqui black pepper grinders make the perfect gift.


The Yupanqui family’s commitment to quality is evident in every gourmet peppercorn grinder they produce. Attention to detail has made Yupanqui black pepper grinders a staple in many kitchens worldwide, and they are a testament to the family’s passion for cooking and sharing that love with others.


Most importantly, Yupanqui peppercorn grinders showcase the power of collaboration. By bringing together the expertise of the Yupanqui family and notable chefs, they have created gourmet peppercorn collections that elevate the flavor of various cuisines. In conclusion, Yupanqui black pepper grinders inspire collaboration with others to achieve excellence.



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